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Yacht Buyer Brokerage Service

Save Time and Cash!

With our yacht buyer brokerage service, you save funds because we at Paradise Yachts are rewarded for our efforts on your behalf by the yacht seller. yacht_buyer_brokerage_serviceWe split the commission paid by the seller. And we usually don’t charge any travel expenses. You save a lot of time because as part of our yacht buyer brokerage service, we investigate, preview and give feedback on all yachts you deliberate before you travel to go to each boat for a private assessment.

Expert Assistance!

With our yacht buyer brokerage service, you profit from our years of experience as yacht owners and expert, trustworthy, knowledgeable yacht brokers. We will act as your spokesperson and act more as consultants than salespeople in leading you to the best yacht for you other than just any yacht for you.

Bear in mind, the listing broker always works for the seller, not you as a buyer. So let Paradise Yachts act as your leader through the potentially complex, time consuming and expensive process of purchasing a yacht.

Paradise Yachts assists you through the complete buying process, even after the transaction is complete and you are underway. We generate your offer and collaborate on your behalf, shielding you from the negotiating practice with the seller.

As part of the yacht buyer brokerage service, we help you in locating the best surveyors, financing, and insurance for your closing. We work as a group with everyone concerned making sure you buy the right boat. We will help arrange deliveries, dockage and repairs or upgrades. We provide hands on training to those that need it. We are always accessible for consultation after taking delivery of your yacht.

Here are the benefits of our Yacht Buyer Brokerage Service:

We work for you the buyer, not the seller
Generally no expenses
Save a lot of time
We do the investigation of suitable yachts for you
We preview the boats for you and give feedback
We create a short list of yachts for your deliberation so you only have to view the right options for you
We can acquire better listing information from listing brokers than you can. They are more concerned in selling you their listing only
We produce your written offer
We negotiate for you so you get the best price possible
We are bonded and licensed. Your deposit is protected in our escrow account
We help you in locating the best marine surveyors
We help you in locating the best financing
We help you in sourcing the best insurance
We complete the marine documentation for you
We succeed as a team with everybody concerned to make sure the entire buying process functions as effortlessly, proficiently and pleasingly as possible
We perform as a consultant more than a salesperson. We provide you with one dedicated yacht professional rather than several listing brokers trying to sell you many different yachts
We are knowledgeable yacht owners and expert, reliable yacht brokers. We put all of this hands-on skill to work for you!
Our sincere attitude to the “business” side of yachting sets us apart from other brokers. Please CONTACT US at Paradise Yachts and start that rapport of superior service, consultation, and assistance, which will carry on long after buying your new boat.

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